With continuous research and development,
we focus on the development and production
of high value-added products.

We are moving forward to become a global leader
in probiotics & pharmaceuticals with world-class
technology and continuous and innovative research & development.

SINCE 1972

Chong Kun Dang Central Research Institute,
established in 1972 for the first time in
Korean Pharmaceutical Industry

Main Research Areas

Our Central Research Institute is always trying to become leader in biotechnology development


01 Probiotics Research

Production of probiotics from the spawn separation, optimization of mass production, functional strain and finished product development specific to CKD BiO
Through research on all fronts, we are leading the development of next generation probiotics through microbiome research.


02 Fermentation Research

Using CKD BiO’s accumulated fermentation technology,
we are conducting research on the discovery of useful
product-generating microorganisms, strain improvement,
optimization of fermentation process and bioconversion of target products.


03 Tablet Separation & Synthetic Research

We are developing useful materials production technology through
recovery of useful materials from microbial culture, semi-synthesis
and chemical synthesis. To make this happen, we are conducting
research on optimizing synthesis and purification processes,
identifying spectral structures, developing analytical methods,
and separating flexible materials.

01 Probiotics

With 50 years of fermentation technology
and knowledge, we produce the next
generation probiotics with unique
patent technology.

02 APIs

We produce fermentation-based
specialized products such as anti-biotics,
ß-lactamase inhibitor, immunosuppressant,
and intermediary.

03 CMO(Contract Manufacturing)

Based on cGMP-certified production
facilities in the U.S and Europe,
fermentation and synthesis technology
accumulated for over 50 years,
we carry out APIs and act as intermediate CMOs.

Global Competitive Fermented
Raw Materials Pharmaceuticals
Provides differentiated services

Probiotics fermented raw
medicine it’s produced.